Are you an adult with ADD / ADHD who is:

  • fed up with being disorganized?
  • tired of not being in control?
  • ready for a serious change?
  • willing to work to be in control of your projects, your home, your time, and your money?

If you answered with a resounding “Yes!” then Adult ADD BootCamp | Organized and In Control is right for YOU.


WARNING:  This program is only for people who are serious about overcoming the frustration of disorganization and are willing to put some serious work into their life to create a compelling future.


Here's What you will learn:

  • How to get control of your paperwork and your projects.

  • How to create a super-efficient home/office.

  • How to get control of your schedule and stop feeling rushed.

  • How to organize your bills and control your money.

  • How to create quick routines to stay organized.

  • How to use your personal strengths as a benefit.

  • And…you won’t just be learning these ideas, you will be doing! Experience the BootCamp and experience yourself developing strong, positive habits with just six-weeks!

    The Enhanced BootCamp offers one-on-one personalized help for rapid success.  Weekly Wednesday group Telephone or Webcast meetings allow you to share the experience with others who are working on the same issues.  Meetings are recorded, so it’s ok if you miss a session.  All of this, plus Progress Updates and Handouts to maximize your personal success!

ADD Audio Coach

The required text book for the Adult ADD BootCamp is The ADD Audio Coach and is included. A digital version of The ADD Audio Coach Gold is available immediately upon registration.

Learn more about the ADD Audio Coach +

Designed specifically for adults with ADD / ADHD , this 87-minute, 3-CD audio course -- with companion 120 page workbook -- will help you regain control over your time, home environment, and personal finances. The CDs function like coaching sessions, guiding you past your roadblocks, and offering new ways of approaching old problems. The workbook includes exercises, comprehensive lists, and visual tools that will help you put these principles into practice every day. Even if you've never been able to get organized before, this system will create awareness of your specific challenges, provide tools for you to rely on, and help build a plan for your future success.


120 Page Workbook: The Guide to Attacking ADD Obstacles
This workbook was designed to last. With a protective clear front cover and a solid vinyl backing it is rugged and durable. The workbook pages are heavy duty report paper and the printing was designed with "Ease of reading in mind." A flexible coil binding creates effortless page turning and reduces paper wear. You will find an anti-scratch lined CD holder bound within the workbook for convenient and safe CD storage.

CD 1: Taking Control of Your Time
Rushing to "keep up" can make you feel like you're running in circles. What do I need? Where do I have to be? Who am I meeting with? For adults with ADD "keeping up with everything" can be overwhelming!

CD 2: Taking Control of Your Home Environment
The process of organizing your environment is broken down into 4 sections. Our "Quick Clean Process" teaches you to zoom through your rooms! The program covers each room specifically in detail.

CD 3: Taking Control of Your Home Finances
This section is designed to work from any financial starting point. This system will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating reserves and streamlining your financial management system. In this section, we also cover paperwork, paper flow, and show you how to create a filing system that is easy to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Adult ADD BootCamp Meet?

The Adult ADD BootCamp Winter 2019 session meets over the telephone or webcast for 6 Wednesday sessions (Feb 6th, 13th ,20th, 27th March 6th, and 13th) at 12:00 pm Eastern (New York) time.

How long is each class?

Each class is about 90 minutes long. Some classes may run longer than 90 minutes.

How much does the Adult ADD BootCamp Cost?

The regular cost of the Standard Adult ADD BootCamp is $197 and the Premium Adult ADD BootCamp is $297. Join the VIP list below for special VIP discounted rates.

Will I still benefit from the BootCamp if I can't attend the live classes?

Yes, you can!  The Adult ADD BootCamp calls are recorded and members can listen to them later, whenever it is convenient. The Standard Option would be best.

What BootCamp Members have to say...

  • Jill H. Jill H. BootCamp Member
    I can’t thank you enough for creating this FABULOUS workshop.  I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with the combination of having ADD and being disorganized and the immense frustration that comes with that toxic combination.  The BootCamp has absolutely changed my life around.  All my past attempts at getting organized have failed.  This time, with actually DOING the exercises and following the step-by-step program, combined with your online class support and e-mail support, I am feeling for the first time in YEARS that I’m on the right track.  By following the Adult ADD BootCamp, I finally DO feel ORGANIZED AND IN CONTROL!  The best money I’ve spent in a LONG TIME!  Thank you, thank you , thank you!”
  • Bonnie M. Bonnie M. BootCamp Member
    I am a member of Linda Hillger’s BootCamp class, this is finally something that I can put into practice and help my ADD brain/life get better organized and in control. I have found the Audio Coach to be an invaluable tool in the road of an ADHDers life. I would highly recommend the ADD Audio Coach and the class to everyone.
  • Donna M. Donna M. BootCamp Member
    All my life I’ve struggled with tasks and projects. They were always so difficult to complete. This course has helped me take control of my procrastination. I wish I would have had your program a long time ago. Now I have the initiative and tools, I know I can accomplish it
  • Joni G. Joni G. BootCamp Member
    Yes, this bootcamp is definitely worth taking, worth every penny. Why? Because it puts substance into your day. How? by laying paths for you to follow principles. You start living the way you want. This bootcamp helps us believe in ourselves and creates substance; a roadmap of sorts. We just need to follow the route, use our planners. Just do it. Enjoy wherever your dreams take you
  • Terry K. Terry K. BootCamp Member
    I felt really good about myself Sat night when I went to bed – not something that has happened to me regularly in the past! I worked on the kitchen yesterday and this morning, my husband said it looked awesome!
  • Amy Amy BootCamp Member
    He [a class member] stopped his day and wrote back- he was so kind and supportive, it really helped me feel better.  I am really hoping we can help each other out post-bootcamp.  I have never really had anyone who was good at keeping me accountable and understood the ADD thing.  I am so thankful to have connected with some of these campers!
  • Michael S. Michael S. BootCamp Member
    This course has been great!  Each section has added more control to my life.  This course has helped me organize my work area immensely.  I feel I have more control over bills, mail, taxes, budgeting, and many more things.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who has ADD.  We often think of ourselves as being odd and different than others, and I guess we are.  It’s good to be able to see that there are other people like me and be able to communicate with them.
  • Peter from Arizona Peter from Arizona BootCamp Member
    Funny thing, last week I could not find a pen or a pencil.  Using the system, I now have 300 pens and pencils in a bag…(I almost started to count them. –ADD–but just guessed and continued to add them to the bag.)  This class has worked wonders.  I can hardly wait to start the project management section…I know my boss is in for a big surprise!
  • Jenny Jenny BootCamp Member
    Exceptional class!  It was like being in a room full of people like my husband…and just as much fun.  It gives me so much insight to see others who have the same problem.  I realize on some level what a challenge this problem is.  Thanks so much for allowing a non-ADHD person to participate.  I know this is going to assist me both at home and at work

If you don’t have time to do it now, when will you?

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6 Live 90 Minute Classes
Downloadable mp3 Class Recordings
Digital Version of the ADD Audio Coach (ZIP)
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$177* *Special VIP List Rate

Regular cost is $297

  • 6 Live 90 Minute Classes
  • Downloadable mp3 Class Recordings
  • Digital Version of the ADD Audio Coach (ZIP)
  • Private, Member-Only Website (Not Facebook)
  • 24/7 Member Support Forum
  • Live Listen-Only Webcast
  • Live Member-Only Webcast Chat
  • Live Interactive Telephone-Only Classes
  • Limited to Only 10 people
  • Interaction with Linda Hillger